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Portrait Tattoos

Good Morning Speakeasy Readers,

We’ve got a cool and cloudy weekend ahead of us, so don’t forget your sweaters when you make your weekend plans. And if you’re looking to do something tattoo related, this weekend is the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena.

Today’s topic is going to be on the portrait tattoo style. Portrait tattoos are a style within realism and are used to represent something or someone that is extremely meaningful to the person getting tattooed. Oftentimes these tattoos are used to pay tribute to a loved one who passed away, or to wear the image of someone who is extremely meaningful to you or has been iconic to your life.

When it comes to creating a portrait tattoo, there are no black outlines like most other styles. These tattoos can be done in color or black and grey. This style goes beyond fine detail in shading, but rather you must have a deep consideration of all aspects of lighting of a subject to create that life-like look. If you choose to get a portrait of someone, it is very important that you come in with a high res image of the photo you want on your skin so that the artist can truly replicate the details of that person's face onto your skin.

If you are thinking of getting a portrait tattoo, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding an artist who specializes in this style. Even if an artist's work is top notch, you’ll want to see examples of other portraits they have done. Your research will pay off big time in the end and can prevent you from getting a poorly executed portrait which happens way too often.

Whether it’s a character you love, a person you love, someone you look up to, or a lost loved one, portraits are a beautiful way to pay tribute. With such an important subject on your body, you’ll want to get it done right so again please find the right artist, and have a high res image so that you can set yourself up for a beautiful outcome.

Until next time my fellow apes,

Peter Hernandez


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