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Greetings from the the Speakeasy family.


Most established tattooers are often approached regarding Apprenticeships.  Please keep in mind that extensive research on this subject is in your best interest before applying for one.


There are many things you will find in your search that will apply here as well, specifically keeping the integrity within the tattoo community. I could spend pages defining my requirements as some have, however, situations differ for each person and I have no set rule regarding your approach.


This program is taken very seriously and is structured with a curriculum catering to the individual artist.  The goal is to provide solid mentorship, delivering the essential tools needed to appropriately enter the field of tattooing.  This apprenticeship is not free and will require at least 3-4 days a week,  for a solid year.  The reward will come to those who embrace the hard work while immersing themselves fully in the arts.


Interviews for the 2024 apprenticeship’s are held Oct 15, 2023 - Dec 20, 2023.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Glazier


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