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We provide a unique,  personalized tattoo experience 


Scott is dedicated to bringing your personal vision to life.  From intricate single needle designs to bold black out tattoos, he specializes in creating custom tattoos that reflect your individuality.  Book your free consultation today to discuss your vision while relaxing in his beautifully curated historic parlor 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you create the perfect mark for your canvas.

speakeasy tattoo, A los angeles tattoo shop and art gallery

World Famous Tattoo Parlor -Best Tattoo shop in Los Angeles - Scott Glazier -  Fine Art- Speciality Tattoos - Full Body Tattoo- Sleeve Tattoo - Speakeasy Tattoo Los Angeles

The Original Speakeasy Tattoo Parlor | Los Angeles, CA United States

5000 Alhambra Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Scott Glazier Oil painting progress for the Ink and Iron Tattoo convention Los Angeles

Scott's books are open from August 06, 2024 - October 12, 2024

scott glazier tattooing in los angeles

complimentary tattoo consultation

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