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Inked Journey: The Close of a Transformative Chapter

As the sun sets on this remarkable chapter of my life, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey my tattoo apprenticeship has been. Tucked away in the buzzing hum of tattoo machines and the myriad of vibrant inks, I've found a mentorship that has shaped me indelibly.

Under the expert guidance of Scott Glazier, I've not only honed my craft to a technical precision I once dreamed of, but I've also found a sanctuary in the mental focus that comes with the territory of tattooing. The process of creation, from the first concept to the final masterpiece, has become a spiritual practice that sharpens both the mind and the skill.

This past year has been a pilgrimage through the depths of artistry in which the knowledge I’ve gained has become my most treasured possession. To say that it has been invaluable would merely scratch the surface of its impact on my personal and professional growth.

There's a bittersweet tang to the realization that this phase is coming to a close. I'm eternally grateful for Scott's unwavering patience, for his relentless pursuit of excellence that kept pushing me to dig deeper, to reach further, and to practice ceaselessly. The studio walls have seen my struggles and my triumphs, echoing back every heartbeat of progress.

As I lay down my apprentice gloves, my heart is heavy with the end of daily tutelage, yet it is soaring with gratitude. Gratitude for every drop of wisdom bestowed upon me, for every challenge that has steeled my resolve, and for every small victory that paved the pathway to this very moment.

Looking towards the horizon, excitement bubbles within me as I anticipate the future. The art of tattooing is a never-ending journey, and I am eager to embark on the next leg, carrying with me every lesson etched into my being by this experience.

To my mentor, a profound thank you. To my peers, camaraderie and respect. And to the art itself, a promise to uphold its integrity with every line and shade I lay down.

As I step forth with an artist’s spirit, I invite the mysteries of the future to unfold, promising to approach every canvas—be it skin or otherwise—with the dedication and passion that this apprenticeship has instilled in me.

And so, with eyes alight and needle poised, I bid farewell to this apprenticeship, not as an end, but as a bright beginning to the beautiful tapestry of my career in tattooing.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. The best is yet to come.

Hell yeah,

Peter Hernandez


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