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Surrealism Tattoos

The weather got crazy there for a sec with a hurricane in Los Angeles! But now we’re back on track to our bright and sunny summer. Make sure to get out and have a great weekend.

Today’s topic is surrealism tattoos. This tattoo style often blends elements of realism tattoos and transforms the subject into unusual, hyperrealistic, and paradoxical images with abstract subjects.

Surrealist tattoos often incorporate popular imagery and symbols. Among the common motifs are animals with symbolic significance, distorted versions of the human form, and symbols like clocks and keys. The imagery and symbols used in a surrealist tattoo are usually highly personal to the person getting it and is a great way to express experiences or perspectives though body art. This style also can include vivid, eye-catching colors to emphasize the dreamlike quality of the images. All of these elements create an otherworldly quality, giving the impression that the tattoo is a portal to a different dimension or reality.

The surrealist tattoo style came from the Surrealism art movement in the early 20th century. The surrealist art movement emerged in France and was led by artists like Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and René Magritte. Surrealism rejected traditional notions of beauty and reality, instead embracing the subconscious and the irrational. The movement profoundly influenced the art world and spawned numerous sub-genres, including surrealist tattooing. For tattoos Surrealism began to gain popularity in the 1970s and 80s as tattoo artists sought to push the boundaries of traditional designs.

Today, surrealist tattoos continue to evolve and artists are constantly incorporating new techniques to create these mesmerizing images. Surrealism tattooing remains an ever-evolving art form. Each artist chooses his or her own method of depicting their idea completely free from stereotypes and norms.

Surrealism tattooing requires a range of techniques to create the intricate and often complex imagery associated with the style. A tattoo artist will need to excel at a combination of skills to make a great surrealism piece. Some of the most important techniques are shading for depth and dimensionality, line work for a precise detailed image, and the use of color for creating a bold vibrant design. Other techniques like dotting and stippling are also necessary for creating textures in the design. This style can take years to perfect and truly takes a high degree of skill.

Surrealism tattooing is a powerful form of self-expression and this tattoo style continues to captivate artists and enthusiasts with its unique blend of symbolism, abstraction, and imagination. This style truly pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the tattoo medium.

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