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Barbie Tattoos

Good Morning Speakeasy Readers,

Another bright and sunny day, with more warm weather ahead of us for the rest of the week. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Not sure if you noticed, but the Barbie movie has taken over Los Angeles. Barbie pop ups, Barbie themed food and drinks, and nearly everyone has been covered in pink this week as they head to watch the movie.

Barbie was directed by Greta Gerwig who is also known for Little Women and Lady Bird. The movie was released on July 21st, and scored the largest opening weekend of 2023 pulling in $155 million in the US and $337 million globally.

The character Barbie has been popular since its release when the dolls hit the shelves in 1959, and this new movie is reminding a lot of people of their forgotten love of Barbie.

With that said I personally suspect we will see a lot of Barbie tattoos in the near future.

Here’s a gallery of some of my personal favorite Barbie tattoos.

Until next time my fellow apes,

Peter Hernandez


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