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(Not) Tattooing in the times of Covid 19

Good Morning friends of Speakeasy Tattoo Los Angeles!

This is Marléna writing to you after a brief time away. I hope this blog post finds you well, and most likely at home! I have been away from the shop, as we have all been on strict quarantine. I’ve missed being at the shop and learning from Scott, Jesse, Nicole and James. Everyone is well and excited to eventually get back to work making cool tattoos for you!

I wanted to talk briefly about how the Covid-19 pandemic has seemingly overnight shifted tattoo culture as we knew it. Tattooing is non-essential, and I guess we’ve just learned that if the apocalypse hits, you probably aren’t getting another tattoo. As all tattooers have been unable to work due to the immediate and dangerous tattooer-client proximity, they are now sitting at home stockpiling drawings for the future. Many artists are actively making and selling work, to their friends, family, and online audiences. Many shops are holding virtual events, such as Zoom drawing clubs- video chat sessions welcome to anyone who wants to tune in and draw during a themed drawing session with the shop.

Just a week ago or so, we at Speakeasy completed our first round of making art for a charitable cause! The process went like this: we used Instagram to crowd source a theme, the theme would inform what each of us spent the next week drawing or painting. The theme that was chosen was Serendipity! We each spent the week working on a piece, which we then auctioned online. The organization to which we donation the proceeds was Meals On Wheels! Thank you to everyone who participated in our drawing for a charitable cause! We are excited to continue making art to raise money for non-profits with!

Thats all for this week!

Thank you everyone for reading! Stay home and stay safe!





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