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At Last its December, But even in Winter There is No Coldplay, it’s Los Angeles!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Speakeasy Tattoo, Los Angeles. Here we are again. Another week, another round of confusing lockdown orders and mid 70s. What an age in which we live! This year is one giant time vortex. There are no months. There are no seasons.

But enough of that. Life is heavy enough as it is without a bunch of doom and gloom.

In these trying times, we need some things to help us relax, be distracted, and just lose ourselves.

As promised last week, today let us explore what resident Speakeasy artist Nicole Petrou goes to as her auditory escape.

From a very early age, Nicole found solace in the classics. Beautiful voices like Nat King Cole, Etta James and Johnny Mathis. Certainly not your average playlist for a 15 year old, but Nicole is c

Like Nat King Cole, Etta James’s impact on music and popular culture can still b

And Johnny Mathis. What can I say that does Johnny Mathis justice? Were it not for Covid times, Mathis was still touring this year, at 85. Like the others, Mathis’s style ranges anywhere from Soul, R&B, jazz to pop, Brazilian, Spanish & Disco. Feeling seasonal? Mathis has SIX Christmas albums for you to choose from!

So with these artists in mind, it is pretty obvious why Nicole has such a smooth flow to her work. But it doesn’t end there! Oh no no no!

These days its not at all surprising to hear Gnossienne No. 4. Composed by Erik  Satie in 1891, Gnossienne No. 4 is a haunting yet lovely piano piece that, though written in the late 19th century, wasn’t published until the late 1960s. Composed tonally in D minor even though its key signature is empty, the piece features a bass line centered on its minor key, the piece has an eerie but beautiful sound. A perfect sound to both inspire and relax.

And lastly, we have Nicole’s favorite modern band, Coldplay. Who hasn’t heard Coldplay? Have you not heard Coldplay? Who are you? Coldplay formed in London in 1996. This was the height of the so-called “second British invasion” of the mid 90s, with Oasis dominating the charts and selling out massive arenas of tens of thousands. And while Oasis is almost as well known for their working class, Northern hooliganary, Coldplay took a softer, more romantic approach. It was their 2000 song “Yellow” that hyper charged Coldplay’s upward trajectory. And yep, they to offer you some seasonal cheer with their recording of “Have Yourself a Merry Little

So! Looks like you have our week’s playlist set out for you! Hopefu

Now enjoy your weekend and make sure to get that Christmas shopping out of the way and support small businesses (not amazon!).

Also tomorrow is my dog’s birthday so everyone raise your glass to Topsy’s 9th!


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