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Bioluminescence, Things I love, a gentle See You Later

Good Morning Friends of a Speakeasy Tattoo Los Angeles! This is Marléna again, writing you from a remote off-the-grid cabin in far Northern Ca. Quarantine continues to bring us closer into what feels like summer. Ostensibly, most things are still closed. California’s claim to fame being the first to close and the last to open.

All in all, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things this quarantine season. I fled super-quarantined LA and drove across the state of Arizona and halfway through New Mexico. Arizona was all yellow flowers and red rocks, a rhythmic splattering of butterflies the (same yellow as the flowers) hitting my windshield. The California poppy super bloom in Antelope Valley felt like a drug-induced impressionist painting flittering in the wind. The bioluminescence at the beach at night was otherworldly and the ocean was warm enough to comfortably get into at night.

If I’ve learned anything from having my jobs, social life, and ability to freely access public spaces stripped away from me, it’s that I must continue to move towards what I love. This process is exactly that, a process- as I’m still experiencing and learning what exactly it is that I Love. There are some things I know I love: forests, being outdoors, fresh vegetables, freedom to travel, art, drawing, tattooing, community and education. While I don’t have any sort of clear life plan in the face of Covid-19, what I know is that I need to continue moving towards that which I love.

With that being said, this will be my last blog post as an apprentice, as my apprenticeship is now over. At this point, I don’t know if next year will find me working on a sustainable farm in the countryside, moving to New Mexico, or putting all my belongings in a storage unit and getting on a long long trail for several months. For now, it’s just important that I have the freedom to fully consider my options. That is why, for the time being I will be leaving Speakeasy Tattoo. It is with a heavy heart that I say ‘see you later’ to the shop and group of artists who supported me through my apprenticeship. This will always be the place.

Wishing you all the best, -M.M



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