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*Please be aware occasionally the aliens in this website will send you a message stating your deposit was not received.  Should this occur please do not leave a second deposit, please just email our HR Dept. at and deposit status will be confirmed.
   An email with next steps is on its way,
  Please retain for your appointment.


All deposits are non refundable. 
If you have not done so, please send a clear photograph of the area
you are having tattooed to your artist. Emails are listed below. 
*Note: Please make sure the photograph is in a natural position 
it is strongly suggested it is taken by someone else.

Please do not use the google address for Speakeasy Tattoo, it will take you to Siberia.

Please use the private address below:
5078 Alhambra Ave
Los Angeles CA 90032

 Be on the lookout for an industrial fenced parking lot located at 5076.
You are welcome to either park in the lot or on the street. 
Once parked, exit the lot and walk down the sidewalk to locate 5078. 
Ring the doorbell when you arrive.

This helps the artist stay on schedule,  check you in, while ensuring a full appointment within the time allotted.  If you are more than 15 min late you will be asked to reschedule and will lose your deposit.  Remember, your hourly charges start at your scheduled appointment time. 
Please contact your artist immediately if there are any changes or problems with
making your appointment.  72 hours notice is required for all changes to avoid a loss
of your deposit. 

When preparing for your tattoo appointment please inform us if you have been recently sick or been around anyone that has been sick. We cannot perform a tattoo if you are currently taking any antibiotics or pregnant.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the tattoo shop, no exceptions.

 Please shower the night before and shave the area that is going to be tattooed, be careful not to nick or cut the skin. If you feel uncomfortable shaving, your artist will take care of that when you arrive.
The day of the tattoo, you should eat a full meal at least one hour before. 
Please come prepared with snacks if you have been quoted more than three hours
for the work.

PLEASE READ AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS AT SPEAKEASYTATTOO.COM BEFORE GETTING TATTOOED. Your artist will give you your aftercare products at the end of your session.
No sun exposure!
Arriving with a sunburn will require a reschedule and the loss of your deposit. 

Cash is preferred, cards are accepted with a 5% fee.
Be aware, periodically your bank will not authorize large payments on the fly,  please notify your bank prior to your appointment of the potential charges. 
For all future correspondence please use your artists email; 
and for Scott Glazier use 
Thank you, see you soon.

Speakeasy Team

Alien tattoo from best tattoo artist in los angeles

Thank you for your deposit, we are excited to work with you.

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