Thank you for your deposit.


Please do not use the google address for Speakeasy Tattoo

Please use the private address below:

5078 Alhambra Ave

Los Angeles CA 90032

Ring the doorbell when you arrive

When preparing for your tattoo appointment we ask for you to inform us if you have been recently sick or been around anyone that has been sick. We cannot preform a tattoo if you are currently taking any antibiotics. Please shower the night before and shave the area that is going to be tattooed, be careful not to nick or cut the skin. If you feel uncomfortable shaving, we can take care of that when you arrive. The day of the tattoo, you should eat a full meal at least one hour before and come prepared with snacks if you have been quoted more than three hours for the work.


Be on the lookout for an industrial space with a fenced parking lot at 5076.

  You're welcome to either park in the lot or on the street.

Please contact your artist immediately if there are any changes or problems with making your appointment.

Please be on time or we will have to reschedule.

*Note: no one under the age of 18 is allowed in shop.


Thank you, see you soon.


Speakeasy Team

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