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Who Was Saint Valentine?

Good Morning friends of Speakeasy Tattoo Los Angeles!

This is Marléna here with another bi-weekly update. The days are getting a little bit longer, and the other day I wore shorts for the first time since LA ‘winter’. Last weekend James and I went to Long Beach to clean Scott’s boat. Jesse and Nicole came by in the afternoon and all of went on a super fun little sail to go get tacos! The weather was beautiful and it’s always nice for us to get out of the tattoo shop dungeon and hangout with each other outside!

Valentine’s day was a week ago. According to laser tattoo removal specialists, the most commonly removed tattoos are tattoos of significant other’s names. Not much else to say about that, except that at this point the main thing I look forward to is seeing all of the tattoo flash artists draw for Valentines day (on instagram). On that note, if anyone would like to get a tattoo of this little cherub sitting on the moon that I drew for Valentines day, hit that submissions button! You can find more of my available flash here!

Who was Saint Valentine you ask? Initially Valentine’s day was intended to recognize and celebrate a Roman temple priest, a man who died around A.D 270. Though there are discrepancies as to the specifics of this man’s identity, he remains on the Roman Catholic church’s list of officially recognized saints. Additionally, Saint Valentine has been an extremely popular name within the church throughout the decades. Derived from the latin word Valentinus- meaning strong, powerful, and worthy. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of many important realms including but not limited to: beekeeping, epilepsy, the well being of lovers, married couples, fainting, and traveling.

That’s all for this week!

Thanks again for reading!

All best,

-Marléna Mendoza

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