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Think Before You Ink

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

With the rise in popularity of tattoos world-wide, it’s not uncommon to see the general public sporting visible ink. And, like many people, I have tattoos that I am in love with, and some that I regret. Looking back, I wish that I had gone forward with a bit more caution before taking permanent steps. This week I’d like to discuss some points that you should go over before you get that tattoo, especially if the decision was based on impulse so that you won’t regret your fresh ink.

Trendy Tattoos

There are so many possibilities of designs that you can place on your body with an enormous amount of personal meaning, not to mention many insanely talented artists that can design amazing body art out of nowhere, but you decided to go with that feather turning into birds, or arrow, or infinity symbol that you took off of Pinterest. No fun in having a tattoo that thousands of other men/women have, in the same part of the body, no?

Joke Tattoos

Joke tattoos are funny only for a certain amount of time. Once the novelty wears off, you become the joke.

Before/On Vacation

Choosing a design and area is the easy part of getting the tattoo. You need to make sure you have enough time to devote to the care of your new tattoo so that it can heal properly without any risks of adverse effects.

Impulse Tattoos

A Lover’s Name

You are so in love that you want to shout their name to the heavens and have everybody know how much you love each other, as you two will be together for the rest of forever. Then you break up. Now you have to get a cover-up.


So you’re very set on your design, but also think about the placement of your tattoo. Are you planning on getting more work to add to your tattoo? If so, keep in mind that well-placed tattoos enhance the shape and flow of your body. A well-placed tattoo will make it easier on your artist to add new subjects.

Also, if you are not heavily tattooed, I would recommend giving a second thought to tattooing the hands and neck, as they can get in the way of jobs, how you’re seen with cops and in court, and even family members.

Time For Ink!

These were just words of caution to think about before getting tattooed so that everyone can have a positive tattoo experience. Each tattoo has some form of meaning to each person, so I hope this article helped you narrow down some choices for permanent body art because tattoos are very addicting! Because once you get one, you probably won’t stop!


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