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The White Place in Sun

Good Morning friends of Speakeasy Tattoo Los Angeles!

This is Marléna here again, bringing you another weekly update! A few things have happened since I last wrote to you! Slowly but surely, I’ve been making more tattoos and more tattoo appointments. I am still very happy to be in the very beginning of learning to tattoo. There is a specific preciousness to being at the point in any learning curve, where every time you practice the new skill you learn so much. Leaps and Bounds really. I feel so thankful towards the people coming through to get from tattoos from me while I get going.

The past week I was away from the shop, visiting a friend in New Mexico. The landscape was sweeping and strange, warm and textured. A highlight of my trip, was visiting the Georgia O’Keefe Museum. Prior to viewing her work, I was only familiar with her floral abstractions. I had never felt particularly moved by those paintings, and was a bit confused as to what the fuss was about. The museum was cute and nestled in an old snowy neighborhood of Santa Fe.

What I took away from the museum, was that O’Keefe was a prolific and environmentally connected painter. Of all her subject matter, the paintings I like most are her landscapes. I was able to see a painting of a beautiful and impressive rock formation, called Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu. Right after the museum, we drove to this very site and hiked around the badlands. It was great to see the paintings and then see the colors of the paintings in the actual place. I was able to see why O’Keefe used specific shades of pinks, blues and greens in her paintings when I looked at the land.

Thats all I have for this week!

Thanks again for reading!


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