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The Going On’s at Speakeasy

Updated: Jan 6

Hello all!

So, Its been a busy few weeks at Speakeasy tattoo. Jane Cho has been working hard and spicing up her gallery every day. Also, we have a new addition to the studio, Jesse Gomez who beautifully explores the environment and natural world through tattoo and illustration. Go check out his gallery on the website and get acquainted with his stellar technique. Scott Glazier has been as busy as ever and is now booking out to the year 2019. If you have a tattoo in mind, set up your consultation now so we can get you on the books before the wait gets too long.

If you haven’t already seen our spot on BuzzFeed, go check us out in the episode Worth It. You can totally just search “BuzzFeed Tattoo Video” and it’s the first to pop up. This video has been the number one trending tattoo video since it was posted in January and has been keeping us all busy ever since. There you can get a sense of the studio and where we spend our days tattooing. You can also see how getting a tattoo at Speakeasy is really an experience unlike any other and it’s most definitely worth it.

As for me, I have been drawing, designing, and getting ready to start tattooing next week. YES! NEXT WEEK!!! This will mark my official first year as an apprentice and I will bring year one to an end by performing my first tattoo.

Keep watching, following, and reading and I will let ya all know how it goes. Wish me luck!

Happy healing,


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