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Tattoo Psychology…

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Tattoo psychology….So, what’s the point? When thinking about a piece of indelible art, that is going to live on your body FOREVER, most people think about a mantra or experience they want to revisit every day. Be it a saying, a memorial, a personal narrative, indication of individuality, artistic expression, ode to a lover, affiliation with a group, or even the simplicity of rebellion; tattoos mark the person in a way that leave an enduring impression on both their skin and their soul.

Being a new apprentice, I have found it very interesting to watch the process of tattoo creation, from start to finish.  Strangely, it’s somewhat like therapy; a catharsis that leads the person through a purging of emotions that has a transformative end.  The artist acts as a conductor to this evolution, weaving the narrative of a personal experience into an artistic visual representation that lives and breathes with the person’s skin.  So the point, is pretty damn important! When you are thinking about getting a tattoo, it is crucial to look to the things that truly drive you through this life. The smallest of things can have the most impactful meaning and power.

I have watched as a client reveals the inner most details of a personal experience, and that moment when the artist lights up with inspiration bonding the two into a beautiful marriage of collaboration; creating the piece together.  Whether it be the vision of a parasol, or the memory of a loved aunt’s eyes, a truly gifted artist will find a way to pull that one unique thing out of your reflection that will compose the living art on your skin. Be honest, be open, be free to see the beauty in the unbeautiful (Yes, I think I just made that word up!). Find an artist that will work to make art out of your tragedy / eminence / loss / desire / obstacle / or swagger. Whatever it is, the psychology is in the science of finding the point behind creating true art on your own body.

Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts -Michael Bondi-

Happy healing,


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