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Tattoo Ink-Is It Safe?

Hello Everyone!

Before you got your first tattoo on that beautiful virgin skin, you probably wondered what ingredients the tattoo inks are composed of, and if it’s safe for your body. I know I have, and if you haven’t- then good for you, living life on the edge!!! YEAH!!

Back to the point.

So today, I will be talking about tattoo ink, and what they’re made out of. I did a lot of research on this particular subject for you guys, and learned a lot of new interesting facts about tattoo ink myself!

The research I did was on three of the top brands of inks out there, being Eternal, Intenze, and Fusion.

They are all pretty much made up of the same materials, all organic pigments, and then crushed and processed into fine little molecules and mixed in with distilled water, witch hazel, glycerin, and alcohol. Of course, these brands are all preservative free, carcinogen free, with no animal by-products, making it vegan for all you vegan folks out there. I would also like to note that these brands do not test on animals, instead on themselves.

These brands all provided MSDS, or Material Safety Data Sheets, so you can know for sure what is in each color. They are also made in small batches, hand mixed, sterilized, and sealed in medical-grade bottles with expiration dates, and regularly tested by authorized and certified labs.

There are instances, however, that you may have an allergic reaction to certain colors, especially red. So if you want to make sure, you can always ask the artist to patch test before you go all in.

But this isn’t to say that all tattoo inks are safe, there are some out there that are for profit only, and put in a lot of fillers and untested ingredients without much regard for the customers. You have to keep that in mind, and go to certified and licensed professional artists that will use only the safest products and brands in the market.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone who had any questions/doubts about getting a tattoo or with tattoo inks in general! Til next time!


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