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Taking Care of Your Skin=Better Tattoos

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello Again!

This week, I will be talking about your skin. Now, as I have been tattooing all sorts of people, and always learning as I go, one big difference that stands out to me is, of course, SKIN. Just like opinions, everybody’s got one. An ever-changing, living organ that we love to decorate. (Sorry about all those commas just now! They were needed to emphasize my point!)

As I have been gaining more experience with all different types of skin, the one major point I’ve noticed is that it is definitely a lot more difficult to tattoo clients who don’t really take care of their skin. It’s more difficult on the clients as well, since the tattooer will have to go over the area a few times in order to really saturate the skin, which also puts your skin at more risk of having a difficult heal.

Scott will always have a laugh whenever I ask the clients if they drink a lot of water or moisturize enough, but there’s a reason!

People, make sure to drink enough water, and also moisturize! I also noticed myself that after exfoliating in the shower, or moisturizing, my tattoos are brighter and stand out a bit more.

So to paraphrase, drinking more water and taking care of your skin = better tattoos and a healthier you!


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