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And with it, so come the allergies. Well, not for me, anyways! HAHA!

The beautiful weather recently has gotten me feeling like singing and twirling through the Swiss Alps.

Spring means new life, and here at Speakeasy, new life has come to fruition!

That’s right, the EGGS HAVE HATCHED!!!



The babies hatched! I am a very proud aunt!

Aren’t they just so precious?? They grow so quickly! I think they’re already a few days old.

Speakeasy has already welcomed two new members, and still so early in the year!

This Friday was also our SPEAKEASY TATTOO PAINT NITE!!

The picture below is of our setup, and what it looked like from my station.

After 4 super-quick hours, our progress is as below:

Of course, Scott’s painting is obviously the left one and mine’s on the right. Mine looks better from afar.

But hey, I think it’s an OK step from last time! With more practice! Oil painting is very scary, and each mark takes commitment! I’ve never made so many commitments in that time frame in my life!! Please excuse the horrible grammar.


Last week, Scott traveled to South Beach, Miami in Florida, to tattoo his client from Norway, Tarjei!

Tarjei wanted to incorporate very many different subjects into his chest/sleeve tattoo, each with a different meaning. This guy sat through two 12 hour sessions within a 48 hour time period! It was a tattoo marathon!

Tarjei is a very quirky person, I heard, as in eating huge vegetables, such as an onion, in one hand making a mess. Or how his apartment would smell of steak all the time. Or his over-usage of salt, and his jawbone that makes crunching noises when he chews.

But check out the awesome Scientist below!! That’s just a part of his sleeve.

Scott also finish a chest piece on Johnny this week. Two guns and three roses. He ground it out, and it turned out great! Great work, Johnny!

Now concludes this week’s entry of Speakeasy’s Weekly Ink, hope everyone has a great week, and see you next week!

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