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Scarring During Healing/ Scar Maintenance on Tattoos

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to discuss one of every tattoo collector’s worst nightmares, scarring. Tattoo scarring is possible, and happens when proper aftercare has not been maintained, or not treated properly. Dirty, or bent needles can also cause damage to your skin, causing your tattoo to scar over. An infection will also cause your tattoo to heal hard, causing discoloration of the skin and rough, raised skin.

One way to prevent scars from happening is to properly monitor your fresh tattoo during the healing process, making sure to keep the area clean and lightly moisturized. Don’t take long hot showers or baths, causing the thin scabs on your tattoo to fall off early, creating a deeper wound that may scab over and scar.

Don’t pick at the scabs, which will also cause ink fallout, and it is crucial to avoid the sun for the first 2-3 weeks.

Also, make sure before you get tattooed to observe the tattoo parlor to check for cleanliness and sanitation. For example, you don’t want to get tattooed in a shop where there are animals walking around the tattoo station, or leave the shop with a fresh, clean tattoo only to go out and pick up a stray animal.

For existing scars on already healed tattoos, after some research one of the best ways to help minimize the look of scars is the Aloe Vera plant(above). They’re a very common and popular plant, so they are widely available in most plant nurseries and garden centers. Make sure to buy a plant that’s a good size, with a lot of plump leaves so that they can recuperate after you cut off some of their leaves. I would recommend just cutting off a small piece of the leaves, washing it thoroughly, slice it lengthwise and apply the inner flesh gel/liquid onto the tattoo. Rub it in, and let dry before going with your normal routine. Repeat the aloe process several times a day until the scar is less raised and obvious. Remember to be patient during this process, and it will not happen overnight. Your cells require a certain amount of time to divide and and process the aloe, so it’s best to be consistent.

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