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Lotus Begin…

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

One last flower in this garden of earthly delights. The Lotus flower is among one of the most famous in the kingdom of tattoo flowers. This very versatile bud has a number of meanings based on color, depiction, and religion. Though this style of tattoo has become a staple in most modern tattoo artist repertoire, it takes it roots in religion and is derived from Eastern culture. The lotus is worn by both men and women and is known to grow in muddy water, yet has the symbolic essence of harmony and purity. Here, I will delve into the many different meanings that make this flower special.

The lotus flower can take on many diverse connotations by the contrast of color that it dawns. From the Nelumbo family, we see both white and pink; these colors can portray meanings of devotion and purity. The more vibrant colors of red, blue, and purple from the Nymphaea caerula category, fall into the water lily family. These beautiful vivid hues hold much power in Egyptian and ancient Asian cultures and carry spiritual associations with rebirth, ascension and enlightenment. The American lotus flower, a bright yellow or green, is native to North America and signifies improvement and a start of good habits.

The Lotus is most widely used for wealth of symbolism tying these flowers to spirituality and religion. They are most commonly linked to Buddhism, Hinduism, and the ancient Egyptian’s religious practices. It is believed by scholars that the lotus is viewed by the Egyptians as a symbol of rebirth, because it appears to sink at dusk and then rise again at the dawn of morning. It also holds meanings attributed to the afterlife and reincarnation because it is known to lose old blooms and add new ones on a daily cycle. In Hinduism, the flower is used as a symbol of peace and eternity. The lotus is known to root in mud and push its way up through the water, bringing a sense of purity as symbolism. In the Buddhist religion, the flower takes on a more literal representation of a meditation practice. The petals of the flower are crossed and tucked in a way that resembles bent knees, and the picture of a position of respect when visiting a Buddhist Temple.  Buddhist associations are:

  1. Love and Compassion for All Things

  2. Self-Awareness

  3. Faithfulness During Spiritual Development

  4. Rising Out of Suffering

  5. Direct Spiritual Contact

  6. Emptiness from Desire

  7. Victory over Attachments

  8. Enlightenment and the Bodhi State

  9. Patience

  10. Purity

  11. Mysticism

Getting a tattoo of a lotus flower is an exquisite way to show your dedication to the Hindu or Buddhist faith. This kind of tattoo can bring balance to your life and portray messages of love and gracefulness. The lotus represents all eight parts of a spiritual path as depicted by the eight blooming petals. This flower always reminds us to stay focused on developing an inner peace and to be humble and virtuous.

“The lotus flower is troubled at the sun’s resplendent light; with sunken head and sadly she dreamily waits for the night”  -Heinrich Heine-

Happy healing,


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