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King ‘Afa and Texas

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Happy Sunday!

This week, at Speakeasy Tattoo, WAS VACATION WEEK!! For me, anyways. Scott went to Dallas, Texas this week to tattoo an entire galaxy-themed sleeve in color. Holy shitballs, that’s a lot of blood, sweat and green soap. Pics will be updated soon!

With this vacation time, I finally conquered the army of homework Scott tried to kill me with this week! No bueno. I’m going to keep all of the homework I finish, and post up pics so you guys can all see my lame photography skills.

OH YES!!! So, here at Speakeasy Tattoo, we have THREE NEW ADDITIONS TO THE FAMILY! A mama hummingbird has been building her nest on one of the chandeliers hanging outside the patio the past few weeks.

It is now occupied with two teeny-weeny hummingbird eggs!

I know how curious you are, and will be in the future, so I’ll make sure to please my millions of fans and keep you updated! I’m so happy and excited at becoming an aunt!!!!

Last but definitely not least, Scott just sold a painting! It was a 2 hour sitting, Alla Prima portrait of his friend, King ‘Afa.

King ‘Afa is a very talented tattooer from Tonga, who has been tattooing the Polynesian art for over a decade. He survived a drive-by shooting with multiple gunshot wounds to his body, and had agreed to sit for Scott in 2012 shortly after the incident.

He just came by to purchase the painting, and thankfully he’s fully recovered! What a tank. Check out the painting below:

You can see more of his incredible tribal work at his website:

They’re all very beautiful! Each piece of work is customized for each client, and every one has meaning.

Thank you all again for reading the blog!

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