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I Know the Pieces Fit

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Speakeasy Tattoo, Los Angeles. For what is typically referred to as “the slow season” in the tattoo industry, things sure seem hectic! Can you believe in only a few weeks it will be 2021?? If only my 8 year old self could see me n

Take a look at Scott’s fine art and tattoo work, and it almost mirrors what he considers his most inspirational bands. First, we start at the root. The base. The foundation of it all. A group that needs no introduction from the likes o

So like any piece of Scott’s art, the foundation is but a layer from which to build. And just like that, without Sabbath, there would be no Queens of the Stone Age. Building off the skeleton that is Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age takes this framework and fleshes it out in a fuller, more produced way. Like Sabbath, Queens plays heavy, riff-driven rock, upping the tempo and driving a pe

This brings us to the ultimate encapsulation that is behind the mind and art that is Scott Glazier. The behemoth and brain child of certified madman Maynard James Keenan:


What can I say?

What can anyone say?

What is TOOL? On paper, Tool is “an American Alternative Rock band from Los Angeles, California.” Wow. Gee whiz. That sure does it justice…..Tool is one of those bands that defies convention and refuses to be pigeonholed into any one genre. Utilizing influences from elements of metal as well as prog-rock, Tool forms a psychedelic soundscape that is much a mental experience as it is an auditory experience. Maynard himself has sited utilizing elements of anything from Bauhaus to Depeche Mode to King Crimson to Rush

Its like I said. Scott’s musical tastes mirror his artists approach: a strong base and foundation that is refined and fleshed out and ultimately something that transcends and defies convention. It is art better experienced than simply viewed. Are you experienced? I’ll leave you with that this week. Next week, as a Christmas treat, I will try to succinctly and briefly convey my own musical inspirations, as wildly varied and eclectic as they may be. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. And don’t forget! All Speakeasy artists are booking for 2021 so submit your submission today!


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