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Hello, and welcome to Nicole Petrou

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello all,

So, I am going to be your new Jane… Though the Chomaster is a mighty pillar of strength and knowledge packed into a petite frame of a stealthy ninja body, I will do my best over the next two years to live up to legacy left by Jane. She is, not only, an amazing artist but a spectacular blogger as well!

First off, a little bit about me…. My name is Nicole Petrou and I am a recent graduate from UCLA and work full time while apprenticing at Speakeasy Tattoo LA.  This girl works hard for that $$$. My body of two-dimensional work is concerned with examining the psychological effects of how the environment and human condition manifest within the human body and change that persons outer appearance. The purpose is to show the beauty that is seen on the outside, and how the internal struggles of decay and disease can fit together to form a complex, alluring puzzle that is both body and mind.

I feel that the art of tattoo coincides harmoniously with this artist intent. Simply put…by way of tattoo, a person can modify their outer skin to reflect or memorialize any internal triumphs, identity, or struggle within. I believe that tattoos can be viewed like laugh lines at the corner of one’s mouth.  Tattoos beautifully tell a story just the same as a wrinkle or scar, but one that is worn with pride.

I was most drawn to Scott Glazier and Speakeasy Tattoo because of the way each tattoo is designed as a (one of a kind) piece of art, specific to the person wearing it. Scott creates on a living canvas, and each peace is as individual as those who don them. I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to learn from such an exceptional mentor. Words cannot express how excited I am to apprentice Scott… though I am already well on my way to screwing up the 53,212,156,852,448 times (hope to make it out alive).

I have a lot of work to do and a lot to learn.  Stick with me guys and we will have an interesting couple of years, I assure you.

This is gonna be fun!

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life”   ­-Sylvia Plath

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