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Hey Guys!

Welcome again!

Inked Magazine was awesome enough to include Scott’s Lace Corset/ Roses piece on their recent Facebook post. Thank you very much!Today we took a little trip to Hawaii, with Scott working on a lei tattoo. Check out the pic below!

Just kidding! Real pics will be updated later on the webpage. HAHA! But here is a sneak peek:

Today, Scott told me something that had me thinking, as a client was having a difficult time from pain during the session. He said, ‘In the last moments as the tattoo is coming to life, use the pain to bring focus on the life and meaning of the tattoo.’ What are your thoughts on that?

I know I use a lot of exclamation marks, but it’s because I’m excited! Let’s just keep watch on the frequency of my usage of said marks, and see if it decreases as the apprenticeship wears on.

Thanks again, and see you again next week!


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