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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey Friends!

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last time I posted, but I’m back!

So much news!

First off, we are doing a bit of remodeling here and there at Speakeasy! It’s going to be quite the improvement, I wager, and of course, Scott is making me haul ass and do most of the grunt work.

Seriously, the upper-body workout I was forced to do the other day was no joke. Scott may not have been that winded, but he’s a big dude. All that work for a 5’1″, petite yours truly is equivalent to 5x the effort he put in!

Oh, by the way, his new official nickname is Master G from now on. Everybody needs to start calling him that.

Here’s a pic I took of Scott during the spring cleaning. And he wonders why people seem afraid of him at first glance:

There’s a German hitman if I’ve ever seen one.


Remember that hummingbird? Well, she’s back! Yes, the same one, and she also laid another pair of eggs! I couldn’t believe it!

The eggs:

And me risking my life for you fans to take said pic:

Please excuse the mess and hair/clothes- it was during our renovations.

But yes! I am incredibly excited and looking forward to another set of twins this year. I will be checking every week, unlike last time, so that I’ll be able to keep track in detail.

Mamma Bird sure got busy, already raising a second set. Once again, every time I go outside, the Mama Stinkeye is on me.

While cleaning, I found a ziplock bag full of what I thought was either a bunch of dust, or heroin. So I asked Scott, and it’s sand that he brought back from the beaches of West Indies!! How cool is that???!!!

The sand is so deliciously soft, it felt like a pile of dust! Must be heaven between your toes. Anyways, he wanted me to put it somewhere safe, so I pitched the idea of putting it in one of his fancy silver tea set/creamer, and he was open to the idea!


Nice, right? Looks great with the incense stuck in the sand. Of course, Ihad to cut a little corner of the ziplock bag before I poured it into the creamer. Scott noticed and of course said that it must be found.

There you go, Master G! I found it!:


Now, I am beyond ecstatic to bring you this news: I will be starting to practice tattooing on fake skin and fruit this week!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

There you go, folks. A perfect representation of the emotions that ran through me.

I am excited for the road ahead, and the experiences/memories that will happen in my journey.

Also, Stella, Scott’s daughter, recently turned 6! So Scott painted her portrait, as is tradition every year for her birthday. This one looks amazing and badass- Stella in her school uniform, with her motorcycle helmet and gloves in hand.

She is totally his clone, and it looks even better in person! I always loved portraits, because each portrait is a representation of how the artists sees you. You can always tell if there was a sort of emotional attachment to the subject the artist was painting; you can see the emotions, and I believe the subjects always have more life.

Using her portrait, he also discussed color theory and value during one of our paint nite sessions. Being able to see the examples were very helpful.

The amount of information during the 10-minute lesson on color theory was astounding. My brain hurt only for a few seconds afterwards. So much information, and it’s only a drop in the sea! At least I’ve got a good few years ahead of me.

Thank you for reading again, and this concludes this week’s blog entry!


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