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Happy March 1st!!!

Hello Everybody!

Happy 1st day of March! Wow, it’s March already! This marks my THIRD MONTH INTO MY APPRENTICESHIP!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

*throw confetti*

Holy shitballs, you guys! This is so exciting! WOW!

Thank you for your support!

Oh hey, remember that hummingbird nest I posted last week? This time, I caught her nesting! Check out my crappy phone pic below:

She is absolutely adorable!

I can’t wait until the chicks hatch! We will be getting one of those hummingbird feeders soon.

Also, this week, Scott’s nephew came to visit, so we all went and painted the town red. So far we got into two bar fights, bought drinks off the back of a van, became Techno Vikings, and stared at fanny packs. Great night out!

For my homework, I’ve been working on three stylized skulls on wood. I have discovered the wonders of Mod Podge. I used it to set my drawings on planks of wood! It’s a sealant and a glue at the same time, and it has opened new directions for my arts and crafts projects.

I still have a couple more steps until I’m finished, so you’ll have to wait!

Okay folks, thank you for reading, and if you haven’t already done so, subscribe by clicking on the boxes below!

<3 Jane

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