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Updated: Dec 8, 2022


Ru Paul has created a downloadable keyboard!!! AAAHHHHH!!!

The world’s most famous Glamazon has now brought Courage, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent at the power of our fingertips!!

Now I can insert all sorts of imojis and gifs in my texts and drive everyone crazy, especially Scott! Damn, this keyboard is absolutely phenomenal.

Back to what this blog is really about, my tattoo apprenticeship!

As it is the 3rd week of April (ALREADY?!), Scott had me take some tubes to take with me, so that I can get used to the full weight of the machine. At least, that’s what I think he’s going for. Who knows?

I also forgot to bring in a part of last week’s homework, which was a page full of straight lines. I had to concentrate, put my mind in a special place of happiness, and draw a series of lines, as straight as possible and cover the page with it!

I did a page of those with a pen in the machine, and I think it came out pretty well! Of course, it was forgotten at home, but I did bring in my other homework! It was another tattoo machine drawing with an insect, and I had the machine on wood, and had painted a June Bug , and accented it with GLITTER ENAMEL PAINT!! The world is always better with glitter!

The work isn’t to my complete satisfaction yet, so I’ll make you guys wait until it’s finished to my satisfaction.

I love that Scott is having me takes pieces of equipment home, kind of like building up the tension and excitement! Just like in horror movies!! He had asked me once, “Don’t you ever feel like you want to get started ASAP? Like you want everything now, and start tattooing already?”


But I’m not going to rush it, because it is a craft, and it is on human skin, other people’s skin, so I don’t want to fuck it up and make them upset with being stuck with something they are not happy with. Because in the end, even though tattooing is something I have a passion for, I refuse to injure/ruin others’ skin to get there faster.

My reply was not that extensive, of course, more of just a paraphrase. Scott’s reply was, “Good answer.”

Simple, short, and effective. Keep things simple, he says a lot. Man of his word.

Now, from our bi-weekly SPEAKEASY PAINT NITE!!!

This time, Scott had me just focus on the skull, which is great because I never seem to get much past the skull anyways.

He taught a bit more in detail about hard and soft edges in shadows, and what a difference in depth they can make in paintings. SO TRUE.

I also learned to add a bit of mystery into my paintings, because so far, in all the pieces I’ve done, my work is always bold, up-in-yo’-face, without any mystery. Which I think it kinda ironic, because I always have a hard time expressing everything that’s going on through my head, and my boyfriend always says I’m a mystery, and very hard to read. I guess that’s why my work has been so open, kind of like my subconscious trying to show myself and open up?

Anywho, I’m rather proud of this skull, I think I’ve made some progress compared to last time!

I’ll show you my crappy phone pic of my skull before last:

Now my most recent:

I really like my last one so far! Bit of mystery, better use of shadows, just a better skull, in my opinion. After some more practice, we will soon be working with live models!!

This concludes our episode of Weekly Ink,  I hope you enjoyed reading!


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