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First Tattoo Tips

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Your first tattoo!!! AAHHHH!!

Getting your first tattoo can be a very exciting and memorable experience, an awesome memory you will remember forever. However, without proper steps taken before your tattoo, it can also mean a lot of regret and a reminder on impulse.

Today I wanted to talk about getting your first tattoo, and tips on how to know if you’re ready to get a piece of art to adorn your body.

Why do you want the tattoo?

Does this image have a lot of meaning to you? Is this an idea that you’ve thought over, and love it so much that you’d want it forever? Think about your reasons as to why and where you want your tattoo, and if it has any meaning to you. It’s better that you have a design that reflects something about yourself, so that even if you don’t end up really liking it, it can still be a good reminder of yourself in that time.  Some people get tattoos to represent a life event, or a struggle they were able to rise above, or in remembrance of a loved one. I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk and just walking in to a shop to pick something off the wall. If you’ve just turned 18, an even better reason for you to stop and think about why you want the tattoo, and how it’ll look and represent you in the years to come, and if you’re okay with the mark/design being on your body forever.

Do not get a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name .

Even though you two may be head over heels for each other, it may end one day, and you may end up having to get it covered up with an even bigger piece or enduring a painful laser treatment. If you were to break up, do you want your next lover to see someone else’s name?

Think about placement.

Think about where you want your first tattoo, and if it’s something you want seen by everyone you see everyday. Some people try to start safe and get their first tattoo in an inconspicuous area, so that if you end up not being a tattoo person, it’s not obvious and can be easily covered up. Like a lot of people, I got my first tattoo in my inner wrist, and even though I gave it some thought, it still wasn’t enough that I wish I’d done a little more research. Which bring me to out next topic!

Research, research, and research again.

It’s also important to choose the right artist for you, one who can take your idea and elaborate, making it tattoo-able and aesthetically pleasing to your body. Check their portfolio to see if their style is the kind of aesthetic that you like and want on yourself. It’s best to go to a reputable shop with a credible artist.

Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.

That’s right, folks. Not the best idea to go into some guy’s garage to get tattooed, who you know because some guy told your coworker that this guy bought a tattoo kit online and now does tattoos for cheap. Again, check their portfolio, and professional artists are expensive for a reason.

I hope this article was informative to you first-time tattoo collectors, but also keep in mind that this tattoo will be on your body and on yours alone, so if it’s something that has personal meaning, other people’s judgements and opinions shouldn’t matter, as they will not affect how your tattoo looks like or change its meaning. And you’ll look badass.


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