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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another week at Speakeasy Tattoo!

As you know, I’m at my THIRD MONTH here already! Holy cow!!! And because it is my third month here, Scott has bestowed enough trust in me that he has lent me one of his old machines to learn all about it! As he placed the machine in my hands, I cannot describe the joy I felt. People have told me that I suffer from what is called, “R.B.F. Syndrome”, or in lamens terms, Resting Bitchy Face. And because of my R.B. F., I feel it only apt to show you in gif form, my joy. I believe it was a mix of these two:

*Cue Hallelujah music*

Of course, I tried my best to keep a straight face. Now maybe you understand my happiness.


The Proud Mama is nesting and sitting on the eggs constantly now, and she isn’t even fazed by our comings and goings anymore! She used to fly away whenever someone walked below the chandelier where she parked herself, but now she just gives us the stink-eye.

Gotta work on my photography skills. But you can kind of see the stink-eye if you squint a little bit. She’s super haughty.

Now, for the weekly TATTOO UPDATE!!

Scott’s nephew, Cody, came to visit last week! He came from Colorado, and Scott was super stoked to see him. If you can believe it, this guy is even bigger than Scott! Cody came down to get a tattoo of an Elk/Wildlife scene. If came out amazingly well, and looks like as though he’s had it forever. Check out the pics below!

Isn’t it AWESOME? This was only the first sitting! Scott will be able to finish after another sitting, and I will update the pics for you guys when it happens.

Of course, before the tattoo, we all went out with friends and got TOTALLY CRUNK! We painted the town red, or tried to at least. I think we did.

This concludes this week’s Weekly Ink, and I know the name sounds totally corny/cheesy to you guys, but I love it. Whoever thinks otherwise can shut their pie hole. Go eat some pie!

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