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Art Gathering LA

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

So this week is ART GATHERING LA!!!

Art Gathering LA, formerly know as Ink N Iron, is this weekend, and I’m super excited that our shop, Speakeasy Tattoo, will be attending once again. Art Gathering is quite different compared to Ink N Iron, in that it will focus more on fine art and tattoos, without  the music performances that Ink N Iron used to have.

I wonder what kind of crowd Art Gathering will be attracting, as this year’s convention is more of a multi-media art festival.

There are also fine-artist workshops available this year, if you want to learn more about specific artists’ methods to their madness! It’s gonna be crazy for all kinds of art-enthusiasts. Street art, museum-quality art, and even an event called Kulture Klash, where independent artists from around the globe can show their work! I think the Kulture Klash is a great way to empower small, independent but ambitious artists to show off their work.

I’m also excited to check out the area called Range, where there will be huge sculptures and art installations outdoors, and this event is supported by BMArts, the artist collective for Burning Man!

Of course, Speakeasy will have limited prints available this year, as well as working on some more cool tattoo projects. Come check us out at our booth!!!


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