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Allergy Season

Hey Guys,

Seems like karma’s come and bit me on the ass. I thought I caught a summer cold, but turns out to be allergies. Karma, you asshole!


I’ve never experienced allergy symptoms during the season, but I guess all this smog and life is sure to try and break you down sooner or later.

You may break my sinuses, but you will never break my spirit!!

RuPaul’s Drag Race is an amazing show, by the way. I highly recommend it.


As you all know, the eggs have hatched, and they are growing up so fast!!

Just look at those pair of cuties. I’m happy that I have the privilege to be a witness to this growing family of hummingbirds. They will be ready to leave the nest in no time!


Unfortunately, we don’t have any tattoo pics available this week, because Scott decided that he needed to “search for his soul” and went off in another one of his mystical journeys, leaving me here at the shop, cleaning.

Scott did start a Tree Nymph with a Oak, but it still needs one more session! Don’t worry, I will post it!

And now concludes our post of this week’s shenanigans at Speakeasy Tattoo!


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