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A Butterfly Landed

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I met a woman tonight while apprenticing; this woman was beautiful inside and out. You could tell by looking at her she has a sweet but also mysterious soul. She was kind, and a kind of person you want to know more about because it would be a privilege to do so.

I find it interesting… standing by, watching, waiting, waiting to be needed, and ALWAYS paying attention; learning to read minds, HIS mind and hers. Does he hate this song, need more paper towels… does she need water, is she cold, does that twitch over her right eye mean she is going to pass out. He yells out “Nicole!” or “Jane”, (I answer to Jane as well) and I come running.

Scott Glazier works fast, with purpose, efficiently, and always with artistic integrity. 2% increments, moving forward steady and strong. So, I stand by silently, working as an apprentice does, and cannot help but be amazed by the bond that Is created between “artist” and “client”… two very simple words for two extremely unsimplified roles.

One of the most astounding things I have witnessed so far as an apprentice is the way the relationship between these two roles moves at a hyperbolic speed… 2,000% increments moving forward as if light years were lifetimes, and each lifetime is a wink.  The connection that is created is intense to say the least.

Imagine this…the “artist” who molds an idea into a vision, then creates that manifestation while the “client” breaths and meditates on stillness… both become vulnerable to each other. The two compose a silent understanding, a sort of dance meant only for the two of them.  They design a language of their own that I have to learn to speak and interpret within every pulse.  I will say, it is a bewildering process to be a part of.

As she sauntered off, I said to her “it was so nice to meet you, happy healing” she immediately turned and had such gratitude radiating from within her, I took her tiny hand then she responded with, “it’s perfect” (in a perfectly angelic British accent) Something so hard to truly express in words, so please forgive my adolescent recollection.

As this beautiful woman walked away tonight with a beautiful butterfly resting on her shoulder, she was beaming with homage. For whatever ache, love, renewal, or pinch she was looking for, she left satiated to completion.  She and her artist made something out of thin air, together.  After the last few hours of pain, bleeding, care, then beauty… there now exists a relationship and an art that will only ever live in these all-consuming of moments.

“But I’m more than just a little curious how you’re planning to make amends to the dead with your halo slipping down to choke you now” – Maynard Keenan-

Happy Healing,


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