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Hey Everyone,

Yesterday was pie day! Did you have pie? I didn’t. I wanted to, though.

Anyways, this week, I wanted to show you guys my most recent homework! I’ve been working on some skulls, with one of my most favorite mediums, pen and ink! I also discovered the magic of Mod Podge. That shit is surprisingly resilient!

Check out my skulls below. I put them on wooded boards because why not, and it makes it look fancy!

Check it out!! My Skull Trio!

Here are some detail shots of it:

I really enjoy super fine/bold line work, I’ve realized. Crosshatching is so fun! Now all I need to do is frame it.

While Scott went off to South Beach in Florida for a tattoo, he stuck me with some upholstery homework. There were like 82745937457643 nails and tacks I had to take out!!! OH MY GOD.

The shit I have to do in this apprenticeship…

He also wanted me to send him updates with the upholstery job via phone pics, so I figured I might as well show you guys too.

They’re super fancy chairs, both well-carved with fancy fabric!!

The springs inside the chairs are pretty old, so when you sit on it, the chairs kind of swallows your butt. Scott is going to put a board with the original quilting inside, and BAM!

After I took out the 4634586 tacks from just the seat:

You can see the springs here after I took off the first layer.

TA-DA~! Old-ass springs. Or as the hip people call it, “vintage” springs.

I’m bitching and moaning, but I’ve always wanted to try reupholstering furniture, so this was an exciting time!

Now, for the topic regarding the title of this week’s entry, SPAM.

You know the typical spam comments you see on Youtube and the like, but this is getting ridiculous! Do you know why?

Because they are getting sneakier!!!

Nowdays, spam comments would pop up, but they aren’t your typical, easy-to-tell spam anymore. Noooo way! Now, they try to trick you into thinking they’re real people, for example:

“Incredible quet there, what happened after? Thanks!”



These spam bots try to sound human, and may trick some folks, but not me! I always stay vigilant! I am the Chomaster, after all. I’m not clicking on anything!

But those are the only comments I’m getting so far… T-T


As for the weekly tattoo update, Scott went to South Beach to tattoo a client so no pics this week, but I will update next time! So check in next Sunday!

So I bid you adieu, and don’t forget to subscribe, people!

-Jane Chomaster

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