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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello Everyone,

This week, we had our first official Paint Nite!! Of course, we decided that Friday the 13th was the most appropriate date to start! We will be painting every other week, first from still life as I’m just beginning, then move on to live models!

If anyone is interested in sitting for us in the future, please let me know! You will be compensated generously in snacks and high-fives.

Scott started teaching me the basics of oil painting, while Jesse was doing his own thing with drawing.

Who is Jesse, you ask? Why, Jesse Gomez is Scott’s previous apprentice! Check out his  pic below!

Look at that face, so full of hope. Looking towards the future and who-knows-what! He eats nothing but spaghetti.

Yes, back to Paint Nite!

Here’s what our setup looked like! Pretty cool, if I say so myself. That’s Jesse 0ver to the left, and you can see this week’s subject- skull and sock monkey!

And here’s my first attempt at drawing with paint!

And this is it after the end of the first lesson. It’s pretty rough, I know it! You don’t have to tell me! I’m going to keep working at it, and hopefully I’ll get better! I overworked the painting, and I liked it much better a few minutes before I ruined it 🙁

Scott also gave me some weird homework, told me to recite the aftercare for tattoos to my cat Sammie, like I would to any other client. She didn’t seem too interested though, because she fell asleep:

I love my cat. She’s Sleeping Beauty right there. But hey, I’m great at informing future clients about aftercare!

Oh yes, you were probably wondering what this week’s title meant, right?

Folks, have you ever watched Breaking Bad? There’s this one episode where a fly came in their meth lab, contaminating the room! One of the characters, Jesse, pretty much spent the entire episode trying to catch that fly.

Speakeasy also had a similar incident, only I was Jesse this time. That fly drove me CRAZY! That elusive little sucker had me running around for about an hour, and I finally caught it!! Scott spotted the fly on the trashcan, so I went into assassin mode.

Crime scene below:

Damn straight, no one messes with Jane-motherfuckin-Cho!!!

Which reminds me, I made a Tri-Tip BBQ sandwich my bitch this week! Scott and I went to Gus’s BBQ in Pasadena, and wow…the best sandwich I’ve ever had. The meat just melts in your mouth!!! I’m drooling again just thinking about it.

While we were out, it was getting a little chilly so I offered my jacket to Scott. Didn’t really fit him, but he wore it gloriously HAHAHAHA! His arm barely fit!

And now, time for THIS WEEK’S TATTOOS!!!

Scott did quite a few this week, with a lot of his signature sketch-book style/watercolor look!

Lyle, from San Francisco, got this AMAZING astronaut tattoo on her arm, and I’m sure you’ve seen Scott’s initial sketch before. I love it!!! Lyle was super sweet, and she’s also as small as I am, but sat like a BEAST.

Really cool, huh?

We also had Halcyon the same day! It was his first tattoo, and he wanted a crazy V for Vendetta Jester, complete with an hourglass, the Gemini constellation, a King of Hearts, and raven feathers as a tux! Scott went pretty creative with this one, and I think it’s very interesting the way it came out. It’s not finished yet, so I’ll post the finished pic in the near future!

He also completed a half-sleeve on Sasha, who wanted a Snowy Owl theme, with gladiolas and lyrics! Turned out absolutely beautiful, with Scott’s signature sketchbook/watercolor style. She’s very slim, and she, like Lyle, always sat amazingly well. Did not even show a little bit of discomfort. I don’t know how these people do it, I always get super antsy.

Sasha’s arm, everyone!!

She will also be sitting for our Paint Nite in the future!!

OK folks, this wraps up the second week of Weekly Ink. Hope you guys enjoyed reading, and thank you again!!

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-Jane Cho

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